Current Heroes

Below are displayed all the players who won the Grand Olympiad and currently are heroes.

Name Class Clan Ally
ErrOr Duelist eXecutorS HeroeS
MáxiimuS Dreadnought Republic POWERBR
GiorgioArmani Phoenix Knight eXecutorS HeroeS
GreenPeace Hell Knight Republic POWERBR
scalat Sagittarius 100Controle Amigos
SorryBlame Adventurer Republic POWERBR
Allphred Archmage - -
SkyShadow Soultaker Republic POWERBR
Horus Eva Templar Republic POWERBR
06 Wind Rider Republic POWERBR
TaDeusz Moonlight Sentinel eXecutorS HeroeS
Kiw Mystic Muse 100Controle Amigos
DenteK Shillien Templar eXecutorS HeroeS
AnusProfanus Spectral Dancer - -
EvanGeLioN Ghost Hunter 100Controle Amigos
Bloddy Storm Screamer eXecutorS HeroeS
ªBrotherPeaceª Spectral Master Republic POWERBR
HugoBoss Titan eXecutorS HeroeS
BrotherPeace Grand Khauatari Republic POWERBR
Negan Dominator Republic POWERBR
Wacek Doomcryer eXecutorS HeroeS
lTonyWhts Maestro Republic POWERBR
MamaEU Doombringer SouthWTF OhShit
Izah Soulhound - -
KIRA Trickster 100Controle Amigos
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Game Online
1º   Dumal 227 pvps
2º   SummerWinner 140 pvps
3º   MamaEU 124 pvps
1º   Explozivo 6768 pvps
2º   ºArcanjغ 4919 pvps
3º   khavatari 4133 pvps
1º   SweetDreams 882 pks
2º   Gucci 657 pks
3º   fregt 338 pks
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